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Evan Williams
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Evan Williams was a natural-born leader, innovator, and entrepreneur. He worked in numerous trades as a businessman, politician, and—most notably—whiskey distiller.

In 1783, he founded Kentucky’s first commercial distillery on the banks of the Ohio River. Many years and barrels later, our master distillers are still producing Bourbon the right way, using the same time-honored methods.

Evan Williams

Master Distiller:
Conor O'Driscoll

Conor oversees the distilling, aging and selection of our world-renowned Bourbons at the Bernheim Distillery, and also safeguards an inventory of 1.7 million barrels. He has over 15 years’ experience in Kentucky’s Bourbon industry, and holds the enviable task of ensuring that every bottle of Evan Williams Bourbon possesses consistent, high quality taste.

Evan Williams

Artisanal Distiller:
Jodie Filiatreau

Jodie began his career with Evan Williams in 1981. Throughout his incredible career, he has garnered extensive experience in distillery and barrel aging operations. Today, Jodie runs our Artisanal Distillery at the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience on Louisville’s historic Whiskey Row: an official stop on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail.

Evan Williams

Artisanal Distiller Emeritus:
Charlie Downs

Charlie‘s Bourbon-making experience at Evan Williams goes back 39 years. During his tenure, he worked alongside legendary Master Distillers, Earl & Parker Beam. In 2013, Charlie capped his storied career as Artisanal Distiller at the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience. He retired in October 2017.